Creating a new design or logo

We work with customers to create designs and logos that will look great printed or embroidered. Our specialty is vector graphics and icons that make a bold and unique impression. Many of our designs end up being used for all types of printing, as well as on products for retail or online. If you are also using our printing and embroidery services, we will give you a package rate along with your goods.

For clients not using our printing and embroidery services please contact us for hourly rates for your project.

What is a vector?

A vector graphic is a graphic made of lines and points, rather than pixels, and can be sized up and down without a loss of resolution. File types typically end in .AI, .PDF, .EPS, .PSD, and are created in Illustrator.

We can help you turn your existing logo or graphic into a vector file if you only have a .JPG, .GIF or .PNG or even just a hand-drawn image or photo, to turn it into the correct format for printing or embroidery and many other uses.

Past Work - Designs